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ok this is my first Half ass portfolio. Please critique the s h i t out of it. I need to know whats not there and what is. what you like and dont and then why.
There are some missing Parts still but. CRITIque. Be harsh. and Strait forward. Thanks for your time. more feed back the Better+++

let me know what you think about my work as well. thanks again.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hey I love your photography, but the container could use lots of work. Here's a list of things I noticed and maybe even some solutions :-)

1. You need page titles. Your home page simply says "index" Tabbed browsers and search engines both display the page title prominently so I'd make it descriptive.

2. Not to many people use a splash screen/intro anymore. IMO it gets in the way of you presenting your work (the reason people came to the site anyway)

3. All of your home page (intro included) transitions and movement seem very slow. You might want to increase your flash framerate or simply speed up the transitions (between 0.25 and 0.5 seconds is usually appropriate).

4. I like your menu style but its very hard to find and doesn't really look visually like a menu. The home page is really empty and I think you could easily provide that menu with a lot more prominence. It might even be worth your while to make the menu the largest part of the home page as the focal point.

5. Once you visit the portfolio section there's no navigation back to the rest of the site other than using the back button. I feel like that really breaks the user experience and probably will make people not care to go back and look at the rest of the stuff.

6. The clean white concept is very cool and your work fits that style very well. The only problem I see is that your not really taking advantage of showing off your work. IMO the work should be big, bold and the first thing you really see, after all your work is the reason people visit a portfolio site.

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