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I have just finished our new website, it is the first time that I have built a website 'from scratch' our previous website was built using a website builder template. This time I have built it from scratch using dreamweaver. I have very limited computer skills so any feedback will be gratefully received.

I have just noticed that on the PRICES page the table is massive when viewed in Firefox, but fine in IE not sure why that is?

Thanks very much
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Hi Andy
this is a good result if its your first ever from scratch project.
with my browser and settings (IE and some 1024x screen I think) all was showing in place, and the information was clear.
I wont go into layout, colors etc that much as the main thing is the clearnss in your communication, all the rest starts going one or the other way according to preference and artistic points etc..
The menu I felt was a bit too cramped, I would have looked at alternative options, maybe dropdowns or what ever. Quick and easy to to make the site a bit more interesting to visitors would be to ad some level of interactivity, with prices for example the visitor could choose the dates that interest them etc.. (alltough I understand you do at the same time want to show other dates which van be compared between each other and so on, so no 1 answer is correct)
Overall, information is available (the kind your visitors would need) images accompany and make it clear that the place IS a nice place. I give you a good grade :-) but rather not pick any specific grade as its never that simple, but well done.

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Well, if it's your first time, i have to give you a c+ for effort.

I feel that you could use more padding between your container and the text within

The text's background should differ from the rest of the background in most cases, and should usually be white, unless you know what you're doing

The menu items are broken up, and therefore misaligned, and could probably use centered alignment. I wish i could give you a screenshot for this. The problem is that you specified a font size that worked for windows, but evidently not for Linux, and maybe not for Mac. You should be able to fix this by making it 1 pixel less.

Also, you could try dressing up the page by adding some kind of subtle graphics to the background.

Have you ever thought of maybe hiring someone to do something like this for you? I mean no offence, but you say you're pretty much computer illiterate, so i may save you a lot of time and headache. Remember that your website is your company image, so shoddy workmanship could have more of a negative impact that just aesthetics.

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