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Hey guys,
I just finished my site ( ). Just give me a quick review and let me know what to change. Any insight is appreciated.

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11 HTML validations errors

I like the design of the site. Very simple, clean, to-the-point. The only thing I'd consider changing is the width of the white bar at the bottom containing your links and copyright information. If every page on your site extended to fill 100% of the height of the browser, then having that bar expand to 100% width (the way you have it now) would look fine. However, since most of your pages don't reach that far, having that 100% width bar at the bottom looks somewhat out of place.

Also, the horizontal rule on your home page has no styling and appears a bit disconnected from your theme. Just a thought.

Other than that, nice job.
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Please make the link of the page that a user is on unclickable, for example if a user is on the "home" page, make the "home" link unclickable and in another colour (or rollover state) ...

Also why not make the screenshot open up in a new window when clicked upon, it's really small ... (I mean it's big enough for where it is, but too small to really see anything) ...

It feels to me like the download button is a little bit too high (I know this is very minor) maybe you could add another <br /> before it ... ?

I'm going to agree with spork here and say that the 100% footer doesn't work for me ...
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Just took a look at your site and agree with others it is a nicely laid out site, clean and fairly clear but I think by adding Talking Webpages could really keep visitors interest for longer there is a new service available and I thought I would share the link with you.

//link removed

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