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Ok everyone, I've made a lot of changes based on input from a lot of you. I think the site has improved quite a bit since then. I have two parts of my site that I want you to take a look at, and my forum in my site

If there is a catagory that you think I should add feel free to let me know. The forum is there to help all of my visitors. Thanks for your input in advance everyone.

Also, if anyone would like to write any articles that are on topic (or related) let me know. We can also include a link back to you in the article
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In the forums, I think this should be changed:
"Go from flab to fit in just 16 seconds a day! Not really, but you will find the fitness answers you need here."

I know you are attempting to play upon popular fitness/diet programs, however the sentence is simply not catchy. The number 16 seems arbitrary, unless I am unaware of its significance.
If you decide not to use this satire, then atleast change it to "being flabby", if not creating an entire new sentence (in this case definitely take out the "16 seconds a day").

The "join our growing family" image seems strange. I know the sink goes with the hygiene theme, but it seems awkward nonetheless. As gay as it may sound, the woman in the free stuff image seems out of place in a men's site. Also, perhaps try using only a picture of a gift.

I like the colors of the site. You did a good job of integrating white, orange and black. The logo also looks neat and professional, however, its is surrounded by white and orange and is the sole black thing at the top of the page. You could try adding an orange glow to the logo, filling some of the white space, or making the horizontal lines in the orange gradient banner a bit darker (towards black)

All things considered, nice, fresh, and simple design that complies with w3 standards.

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