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So the content isn't complete yet, but once I finish this site I'm heading back down to college. So any tips or critiques you guys have will be considered to help improve the site.


Marketing is a messed up business. Lots of lies and deception, so I struggled working my way through this one. But they do good work so I'm trying to get them online. It's good pay too (I also do IT for them).

My TO DO (sorta):
I'm still looking for more images to add.
Gotta do something about that bottom banner... stuck.
Side Bar needs to have links.
Link appearance in CSS.
Finishing various pages.
Contact form, playing around with ideas on how I want them to contact the company.

Thanks in advance for all reviews.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Lots of views and no replies.
Well I will try to start at the top of the page and work down. These are not in order of importance:

Ditch the frames and go with some CSS
Header graphic decent, but that tag lines a little fuzzy
Rollover on navigation is always nice
Typography is weak. Too small. The font could work, but it doesn't seem to match the over theme of site to me.
Justification of text looks a little old school too.
Don't think I would have used images for subheadings. Not SEO friendly.
Overall looks like an older template. Design is too narrow. You have a lot of real estate that is unused.

If this is a it yours by changing something about it. So it doesn't look so "cookie-cutter"

Good luck!

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