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i own one website which is on Joomla and providing Live Chat services along with dedicated operators.

Please take a look here is the URL : Live Chat Software

Hoping your kind consideration.

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Looks pretty good !
I would change the background color of the entire page, so that your "actual site" stands out more.
On the confuration-tab and serviceprocess-tab you have a heading bar in Limegreen. Change text-color here, as it is hard to read.
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Overall the site looks great professional, well-aligned, and eye-catching. The pulsating graphic does get to me after a while, though. Does it need to throb like that? Otherwise, it's a great graphic.

Maybe this is what the above poster was alluding to: on your configuration page the background color of the bottom images makes the white text extremely hard to read. It rather sears the eyes.

The 1 -6 graphic on the service process page looks great, but should the corresponding text also have numbers to explicate the process? The same hard to read graphics occur here as well.

Though the site overall looks stunning, it took me some time to figure out what it's selling. The header graphic, though it does look great, doesn't include other information that would make me say "wow - I need this." I had to fish around a bit to discover what services the site provides. Making that more explicit, combined with the awesome look of the site, would drag in customers like a tractor beam.

But overall a great site. :D
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I really like the idea behind this site. I noticed you have about 200 backlinks. That's a great start!

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