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I'm actually a long standing member of this website who's been walkabout and can't retrieve my details :( Anyway, enough excuses! Any thoughts on my latest pet proggy would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Alright, here are a few ideas that I think would make your latest pet proggy look/feel/function better.

1) The links "Branding" and "Information" would work better as tabs that are raised above the content area rather then in the content area. wrote:
Not my image... one I found on

That is an image showing what I'm talking about here.

2) A rollover background color change on those tabs would be effective and stylish, as well as rounding them corners (Like in that image showed above). Also, as hinted in the image, you can accomplish that just with CSS and no JavaScript. (Both, the actual tabs and the color changes and rounding of corners).

3) I think it would be useful the explain what you mean when you "inject the information [snip]...". That might lead to confusion among some people.

4) A logo? Image? Brand your branding proggy :P You can use your Favicon in there... just a bigger version of it as a logo. That image looks like it'll fit in with what the proggy is doing.

5) You can explain what "branding" is in the "Information" tab. (I know what it is, and the form is pretty much self-explanatory... just saying might be useful).

6) The "Upload" button is the most styled element you got there... looks like it was the only thing you put some effort into. Looks good though :)

7) I think that the "Upload" and the "Cancel" button would look better on the right side and outside that lighter-gray content area. And that horizontal rule is an eyesore.

8.) Possibly round the corners of the actual content area?

9) How about the Year? Track Number?

10) This is more of a feature request/suggestion. If the author and song name provided, is there a way that you can search a music database for the information and auto-fill the form? I think that would be nice... and the only information the user can fill out is the stuff that isn't in the database.

11) A hover for the upload button would be nice...

What I already like about your design, is that you actually formatted the form into a grid. The source looks clean (even though this is completely irrelevant as website/proggy users don't care for the source :lol: ). I usually check the source anyway.

That's about all that I can think of right now... good luck with it.
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Hey Bogey,

I recognise you :) Thanks for taking the time. You have a very good point about 'Brand your branding proggy' :D

Regarding your feature request, I shall take a peek. I initially missed the link you provided but looks very interesting - thankyou :) I'm kinda hoping small bands may use it so their music is recognised when distributed, plus peeps with lots of untitled music on their smartphones. I probably need to build a mobile version of the site but it's very new, still figuring stuff out.


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