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I have been online a couple years with my online advertising service "Moola Mails" I have recently added a paid traffic exchange and upgraded to the newest script. I added a favicon and am trying to figure more ways to make it a great site. Any suggestion on how to make the website better for both members and advertisers would be welcomed. Thanks for your time in the review. :@sign:
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Everything's a bit too hard to look at because of the color scheme. Place some boxes (probably white) behind your sections of text.
You are bolding, centering, and adding exclamation marks to everything - offering no distinguishing features between the headers, body, or lists. When adding an exclamation mark to everything, instead of making everything sound exciting, it has the reverse effect - making everything sound the same and unbelievable (think used car salesman).

I'd also suggest looking into grids and proportions. None of your elements are aligned or consistent barring your sidebar.

Speaking of your sidebar, you have some very random colors to highlight some of the text, which is distracting and pulls attention away from the content. It's also fairly widely accepted in the web design industry that using a marquee to scroll text is unattractive and cheapens the feel of the site.

Your footer could be a bit better organized.

Personally, I'd remove the beveled border around your header - it makes the header look a bit dated.

So far that's what I got, but I only looked at the homepage.
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As mindfullsilence has mentioned, I thing you should pay close attention to your typography. My instant thought was that all your text looks like a brick wall - I did not feel invited to read it at all.

I'm not going to go through everything on that as this article and others do a good job. Please learn about it and figure out how to apply these guidelines to your website.

As for the design ... the colours and effects remind me of my grandparents and the 90's. Had to be blunt there. :P I'd recommend not going with a black-on light brown.

For the 'proof paid' page, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to display transaction histories there with usernames and amounts.

I wish you well with your improvements.


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