SITE REVIEW: Northampton Rug Gallery

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hey, I am now the sort of webfixer person lol. for this site, and I want to make it more interactive and maybe change it around, and keep the professional look. :roll:
any suggestions.
Northampton Rug Gallery

and maybe change the interface, its kinda boring... lol 8)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

You’ve reached the hotest site for quality handmade and machine-made rugs that bring beauty and style to any home or office,take some time to browse through our site. You’ll find tips on choosing the perfect rug to suit your taste and lifestyle, and much more. Your floors are our foundation for your design.
We bring you these authentic, hand-woven masterpieces at discount prices even rug wholesalers can't beat .

make a better picture on home page u cant see the beauty in each rug ,maybe a 4 way picture of each rug and make it to where they can click on the rug and it takes them to the style and explains the rug,
example- Dense Patterns

Wool pile (Most durable) with cotton foundation (strong and does not loose shape) is ideal for Hallways & Entrances.

example-this wonderful Oriental area rug is commonly found in living room the rug would most likely be placed in front of the sofa and under the coffee we can custom make your rug to fit any color you desire.Bedrooms are not recommend for a room size Persian/Oriental area rug. Most of the pattern will be hidden under the bed in the dark making the rug prone to moth damage.

maybe add the "how to care for youe special rug" somewhere on main page,are there Gift Certificates? add that to main page,maybe a search section that the customer can choose from
example pull up that says pick a shape or size,and have,square/round,runners,,etc then the diffrent sizes,2x3---12x18 then a pull up of colors and maybe even a pull up of prices from under 100 - 10,000 when they click on them it takes them to the correct rugs color/price or type ,
maybe a area that says,"looking for something special,need help selecting any of our rugs or just have a question on wich would be better for your house send us a email and we will get rite to you,you can even send us a picture of the area you would like to choose a rug for and we can help you decide we will send you pictures of the rugs that we think would best suit your room (you would be the first to do this option b.t.w as far as i know,ive been looking and havent seen any with that option)
well this is just my thoughts .....
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am not a website designer (I'm most in the programming side) but I have been working for several years in the bussiness. When I first get into a website, I look for design details. I think these details will leave a good impression on the visitors.

Which details am I talking about?

The banner comes out from the right side of the screen and ends up in the left side just over the green column. I think it would be better balancing the design putting the banner inside a rectangle or frame: [...sliding message...]

The box under the left menu is empty when the mouse pointer isn't over a menu item. Until a see the rollover I think it is a mistake. It could be better putting a default text there.

The text in the "" ad has no contrast with the background.

Hope it helps,
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The site design works, I didn't get lost, and it pushes the product well, but I did get annoyed at some things.
1. Use absolute positioning for some of the background elements, if you can. It got all streched out on my page and looked funky.
2. You may want to optomize you images for faster loading.
3. From your seach page, the links on the side didn't work
4. The links on the side resized when they were scrolled over into two lines. I suggest using buttons or making the table show its text somewhere if you are going to use that navigation method.
5. I have a think with scrolling text, I think if its important enough to scroll, it should actually be static, big, and on top of the page!

Otherwise, well designed site, shows a lot of knowledge of coding, and other design elements. That customizing rug thing looks nice, I am actually tempted to look into getting a space rug :lol:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Ops i am from Turkey, your carpets are as beautiful as ours...
But your design look likes 1998's frontpage templates :wink:
It need to be redesigned , i think.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hi, I'm viewing your site on Internet Explorer, resolution 800 x 600

:arrow: In the first paragraph of text the word "The" starts on its on own line and is aligned to the right which makes it look off.

:arrow: On the "About Us" page I would strongly advise against using a background for the tex cells. The background is light enough to be able to clearly read the text without it.

:arrow: The NHG spinning animated GIF at the top is rather offputting and looks kinda tacky. Seeing as you have the logo already at the top I think it would be best deleted.

:arrow: On pages where the main section is shorter than the menu text I would consider another way of displaying the "We will beat any price" image. So as to not make the page unnecessarily longer than it needs to be. The same image I mentioned also has a red line around it I think it would look much better without this red link line.

:arrow: The same goes for the other linked images you are using "Order Our Rugs ONLINE!" has a blue link line around it which would look better if it wasnt there and instead you wrote "Click Here" underneath as part of the image.

:arrow: The colour of the font on the "Thirsty Towels" image link is difficult to read, I also think the blue line around it makes the site look unprofessional.

I really like the menu system you have, with the description text showing underneath.

Otherwise I think you have a really great job!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

The site looks okay... I might change the design a bit for it to look more proffesional but otherwise the site is good.

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