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I have just completed the design for a new site

I won't say ANYTHING about how it works, because part of what I want tested is how well it explains itself. So, along with positive and negative reviews, please let me know if you understand how the site works.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

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I would be highly suspicious of a site like that. I would be asking, who are you, why do you want to give me "cash back", why would merchants need your service and pay you a commission? That doesn't seem to be clear when I clicked "How It Works" and "Learn More" which brings me to a smaller problem.

When I clicked "How It Works", the only way I could get back to the home page was to do a refresh. If I continued to "Learn More", it open a second tab in FireFox. That didn't happen on the first click. "How It Works" opened in the same window.

Going back to my first point of the uncertainty of who and why, your contact information only gives 2 email addresses for support. There is no phone number or mailing address.

It wasn't until I did some searches, that I found your full name, business address, business phone number, personal emails and a link to other business ventures.
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mmm yes I can see how it's supposed to work, but like don said, I can't exactly see why.

the design looks pretty good though - everything is sleek and understated. but the motivation does seem shady.......
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From what I can see the website looks great, everything is neat and tidy, I like the colors that have been choosen.
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I won't mention what has been mentioned already by Don2007. I have however, some other points of note.

Your design is great, sleek, has nice colours and looks professional BUT let's say I was a disabled user and was forced to use a text-based browser because of reading disabilities OR let's say I was just one of those who prefer text-based browsers because of the greater speed it entails to my surfing? Then truth be told, I wouldn't have been able to tell you how your site looks.

Search engines see your site pretty much like it would look in a text-based browser. It can't read text on images NOR on FLASH!

Besides that. I don't think having sound effects on ANY website is good and especially not professionally oriented ones.

Lastly, I think you lack some more content on the front page as it looks a tiny bit dull in my humble opinion.

If you're really serious about this you'll at least look at the points given by Don2007.

Good luck!

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