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I've developed a community for authors and readers, called "" (French word for "to tell"), where everybody can publish his or her fictional or non-fictional texts. These texts can be commented by every visitor.

What do you think of the design, the concept, or the texts?

Unfortunately, English is not my mother tongue, so there are maybe several mistakes on the page. If you'd like to report them to me, please send me a Private Message.

Thank you in advance.

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Go to the w3c markup validator and see that it found 6 errors in the HTML.

The text on your top logo is very pixelised aswell ... But I like it a lot
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I think it is the very first time I get to see a website with this target. Possible because I do not read literature a lot or write any. Anyway, for me, the idea is quite cool, and original.

In such a website, design is not what matters. What matters is its content and it`s users. So I guess the design here works well for its purpose.

I hope you`ll have more texts there soon, because the website looks quite empty.

I guess the navigation is awful. It took me about 2 minutes and a lot of clicks since I hit the category button in the menu to reach a chapter of a story. The important stuff, such as view full story is not visible to the eye, compared to Google ads, and not so important stuff like word count, category (I know where I am. I can see almost everywhere, I do not need to see it 3 times/article). What I need is easy access to the text.

On the search results page. If i have no results, I can`t do a search again, I have to go back. So perhaps you should add your search interface underneath the results, or just above them. If I want to search again, I shouldn`t be forced to go back.
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Hi, The site looks cool I think, although it does have a very standard template feel to it. Maybe you could reskin the images and css to make it look more customised?
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webia wrote:
I...In such a website, design is not what matters. What matters is its content and it`s users. So I guess the design here works well for its purpose.

Design always matters, especially when it comes to attracting users, making an impression, and user retention. The design is what makes your potential users come back to your site because less face it, when it comes to the web, for every original idea, there are a million other original ideas exactly like yours and the only thing seperating them are the design. Your users have a choice between you and this site: which do you think they'll choose.

Ok, now lets get to your side bar. I think you should have your catagories listed as follows:

Most Recent
Random Stories
Relevant Links

The random quotes and ads by google off to the side like that does not look right at all.

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i have the same problem as you, not native english-speaker, my website is not rich enough :-(

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