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Hello everyone,

I would appricate any feedback and comments or suggestions.

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Well, you have games on your site that can only be done with flash, so I don't know what the other guys are complaining about. If the flash was unnecessary, I might say the same thing, but it is necessary for what you're trying to do. One thing you really need to do though is add a loader that shows that it's loading and how much time it has. Because, someone with a slow connection will think that your site is just empty. They probably won't have the patience to see otherwise. But once you add that, I think it will be a great site.
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Time for another Bud... :) LOL
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how did you do this
just tell me now how you done it n i wont tell any one i promise

this stuff is the poodles plumbs
ive actualy never though of using flash like this
im not to intrested in your hosting packages but the intros you have have meade me JELOUS i have to say AGAIN

thanks for the wake up call man .. i though my stuff was ok but now i know im still at the bottom of the ladder

send me a free template if you like :oops:


barry mitchell
im noober but im trying

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