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Hello there!

TehUpload is a free online image and audio sharing service, which allows you to upload photos and audio, and share them with the world!

We allow you to completely manage your uploads, and we pride ourself in customer service.

Our website is located here: and if you need any help, clicking 'Contact' means help is only a click away.

You can always upload images on TehUpload for free without registering, but the benefits of registering outweigh not registering!

Why should I register?


  • FREE registration
  • Upload as many files as you want
  • Create as many albums as you want
  • Watermark your images, layouts, anything!
  • Move files from one album to another, even remove an entire album!
  • Share your profile with a friend, allowing them to view all your albums at once!
  • Let us handle all of the costs and bandwidth, and you get what you need done!

Well first off, you can upload audio files! (mp3, wav, anything you can think of!) and share them with the world through our online player, which you can embed.. or link them to.

Here is an example:

You can even make slideshows of your albums! You can link your family or friends to a slideshow of an entire album, with little to no work!

Want an example? (pssss, coming soon.. we will even offer the sounds you upload to be added to your slideshows)

Now how cool is that! And if your album is private, nobody will ever see your pictures! Even through the slideshow!

You can upload as many images or audio files as you want, and as many albums as you want.. free!

No crazy costs, no crappy offers to go through, and an easy alternative to a daunting task!

Share everything!

Want your best friend Bill to see all your photos you took, but they are all in separate albums?

Link him to your profile! It is as easy as typing your name in.

Simply replace caleb with your username! Then he can see all your albums at one time, hassle free!


Want your sister to see the crazy vacation you took?

Just link her to your vacation album! All you need to do is replace the number with your album number! Or copy and paste it from your Address Bar.

Replace 68 with your album number! Simple as that!


Don't want to share everything with people, just link them to a specific file! There they can view information about the file, how you took it, and get links to see it again!

The share link is provided everytime you upload, or look at a file!

Want to register?

Visit this link here: to begin the excitement that TehUpload offers!

Newsletter?! Updates?! What is going on?

Every week we send out our 'TehUpload Herald' to let all of our users know what is going on!

We include articles on features that are coming soon, features that just arrived, tips and tricks, a few facts about TehUpload, as well as testimonials about how TehUpload has helped people!

Want to sign up for this newsletter? Don't worry! When you register for TehUpload, we automatically sign you up, to keep you informed!

Tell me what you think, how you think it might help you, and any improvements we can make to our service!

Good day,
TehUpload Owner
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Nice logo, and the background is creative, did u the splats with a photoshop?
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nice touch on the design.. i hope the programing is up to the task as well:)
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Looks decent.
But, it seems to. Blah.
I like fancy sites, I don't know if that's just me, but I think they look good.
Eye candy would be the word.
I haven't used the services yet, but everything seems to be good, (and fast).
Good luck with it.
I do recommend putting some ads up to start being able to have it pay for itself.
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I like it... i love simple websites and i think this is exactly what a website like this needs.
As for the functionality... it works great. I'll use it for my images especially because you have a Firefox Addon for it.

One thing I'd add tho... as a first user how do i know what type of files i can upload there? I think you have to make it clear right on the first page what is all about in a few words ;)

Good luck.
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It looks like a good alternative from photobucket.
But, can it provide the speed and ease of use that ImageShack provides?

Anyways, when you sites reputation increases, I think many people may choose it over PhotoBucket.

In your FAQ, I know that you are trying to be light-hearted, but if you look at it from another POV, it could be offensive to some.

Anyway, it looks like a good site.
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Real clean design, but I am not sure what the site is for. At first I thought it was just so I could upload something and share it (Files or images), something like senduit.

Then I realized there was some social network type stuff to it.

I think you need to highlight some of the features on the home page. Rather than say you can't tell them everything here, why not tell them a little bit and give that link.


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