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Greetings All,

The following request is probably outside the scope of this forum; though you can decide that for yourself. The look of my site, or aesthetics if you will, is not my main focus at this time, though I'll be the first to admit that work needs to be done to spruce things up. My main concern is its content. The purpose of my site is to provide technical examinations. These exams are designed to gauge an intermediate level of competency, based on its respective subject matter.

That being said, what I am requesting is that anyone interested, as many as are willing, visit my site and critique its content, that is, the content of the exams. Obviously you'll need to review the questions in order to make your assessment, but it's not necessary for you to actually take any exam, unless you wish to. What I'm looking for is an assessment as to how the exam's are structured, i.e., too difficult, not difficult enough, or just right – kinda like the story of the three bears; any other critique that you may want to add would be just fine, including comments on aesthetics.

Here’s the URL to my site:

Current access to any exam is blocked; therefore, if you're interested in taking part in this assessment, please provide me your IP address via email; I will then add you to my "allowed" visitor list. If you prefer, you can provide me just the first three octets, assuming you don't feel comfortable providing the whole IP address. I will subsequently send you the required authentication credentials for accessing the exam/s of your choice.

I really could use your help, if it's not too much trouble.

Thank you,


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