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Hi everyone. //LINK REMOVED site launched.

The purpose of our site is to teach you the construction of the virtual tour for free. Our virtual tour-related articles will be published. The construction of complete so that you can learn how your virtual tour of our articles for topics will be explained in detail and from the beginning. In preparation for the construction of the virtual tour to better hone your articles sometimes described as sometimes illustrated with the help of videos. Some articles will be in the form of the application and you'll get every application download and trial. Also you can ask by commenting on issues you can think of attached sites.

We are happy if you share your comments.
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Hello smnckgzr! Please make sure you follow our website review rules. Unfortunately you broke the first rule:

Please review at least three other sites first and give some constructive criticism regarding their site. Posting replies such as "looks good" or "nice site" will not satisfy the requirement. You must give them something to work with whether its positve feedback or negative feedback.

I am locking this thread until you make 3 useful reviews. If you want people to give you good reviews, you have to in turn give 3 good reviews. By good reviews I mean you must tell them how to improve their site, give them suggestions.

Once you write 3 more decent reviews (you can edit your other reviews, or write 3 new ones) you can PM any online moderator and we will unlock this thread and remove my remarks. If you do not make 3 good reviews within 2 days I will remove this entire post.

Please don't take this personal, we only enforce these rules so it's fair to every user and they all get decent reviews on their sites so in turn you can too.

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