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Hi all,

Please review my new template site :

Please suggest me in respect of graphics, color, structure and content what more improvement I need to done, waiting for suggestion and comments.

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I think this is a really strong design, I agree with the color and I believe it transitions from one focal element to the next very well.

However, I am not sure that I agree with the usage of a photograph from Lamborghini's website, concerning the Murcielago.

Also, I think you might be able to create a more complex logo, the plain text seems a bit too plain.

But overall, I think it is well done, good work.

Hope that helps.
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Your layout is broken for me (FF Linux). This is because of the same reason millions of others are slightly broken for Linux users: fonts. Some generic/default Linux fonts have slightly more kerning, causing them to take up just a little bit more space, which means that for websites who make their text barely fit into an area, it will break to a new line on some/most Linux systems, which sometimes means breaking the layout (usually the main menu, for most sites, but for yours it means the center area).

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