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Hello everyone,

Here is my new webmaster website--

Here is my webmaster forum--

Please review my site and forum.

Thanks in advance.
frih :D
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Nice one, light and cheerful (at least to me) and it seems you have some people at the forum already. Good work definately.

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There seems to be a lot of empty space on your site, you could quite easily have all your content readable on the main page without the need to scroll.

There seems a lot of inconsistancy with your text heirachy. Some titles are blue, some are grey, some are underlined, some aren't.

Same with your links, they are inconsistant in their colour, I'd have them all the same, even the one under your ad banner. Also I think the majority of your links are done in the same colour as the default for a visited link, I would consider changing this. I'd also use a bit of CSS for the links to bring them to life, so they change colour when the mouse hovers over them etc.

- Use bullet points for the features.
- Align your bottom menus, one seems aligned to the top, while the first two seem aligned to the bottom.
- Check grammar "Get Free Domain Now", "Now, get more exposure for you site."
- Make menu links smaller
- What's the picture of the picnic basket for? It's a nice pic and it looks good on the page, but what's it got to do with a webmasters forum?
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thanks for the site information.
let me visit it.

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