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Hello everybody

I am here to get as much feedback to my page as possible. Country Scorecard - Countries at a glance offers the most important statistics of a country at a glance. It is especially suitable for homeworks and presentations.

Every feedback is welcome (ie. regarding layout, navigation etc.), but my main question is to ask you for help with promoting the website. As I am a student, I have no budget for adverstisement. I planned to participate in forums about homeworks, however, I haven't found one up to now. Do you know some forums regarding this topic? Do you have other ideas of promoting the website?

Thank you.
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The site design is pretty boring overall, I know it's a resource website but it can still be flashy and interesting to look at.

Also your Navigation on the left side is images and it should be text to help with SEO. You could do a CSS based menu and it can look good and be better for the Search Engines.

Also to help with SEO the country pages should be in text as well that way the Search Engines can pick up your keywords instead of just picking up that one picture that has loads of information on it.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I'm with frewtown on this one ... this site is boring ... sorry bro. Anyway ... An image or two would liven it up a bit ... get some stock images at ... great place for stock images ...

HTML validation failed with 21 errors ... ... I would rethink the colour scheme aswell, as not many people like yellow. There are quite a few sites that provide information on colour schemes and so on, just do a search for one ...

Think about updating the images of the flags ... They're very pixelised ... Also try and use text and not images for each country's score, that way it's much easier to change ... and you have better SEO ... Same with the links on the left hand side of the page, use text instead of those images ... I can't believe you actually used images for those ...

Also check your navigation bar on the left doesn't stay the same size on the different pages ... It becomes longer and shorter the whole time.

On the "methodology" page some links are missing underneath the "General data" section ...

Why not also show the visitors where they are by highlighting the relevant link on the left hand side navbar ... and disable the link of the page that they're on at the moment, ex. If I am on the "Glossary" page, disable the "glossary" link and make it another colour or something.

I also think it better not to use frames like you did on the "newsletter" page because of the validation, and just for the fact that it's not a very good design practice anymore, and also that if the frame doesn't display(happened to me) it looks real bad ...

The subscription can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to

that part has got huge spaces inbetween the words on my screen, but once I set my resolution smaller it returns to normal, just have a look at that ...

If you are interested in in a cooperation with this website please do not hesitate do contact me.

spelling error ... "advertisement" page ... the word "do" should be "to"

Your sitemap also doesn't make sense to me at all, I can't understand what's going on there ... Maybe rather use a treeview sitemap ... I think that would work much better.

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