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I've got many positive reviews on this site & I know this is the place to go for criticism when you're looking for it. And I am. There are so many styles & quite a few non-stanard styles that it took to make the site 'pixel perfect' for the client that it looks different in different operating systems. Even more so than different browsers - odd. I believe it's about as cross-browser compatible as possible with the unorthodox methods I had to use.

Anyway, I'm looking for any & every possible feedback I can get for my client & possible further modifications.

By the way, when you first go there with no cookies, it will prompt you. Just click on the link that says 'I'm already a member' and it will close the popup. We're trying to experiment to get more initial signups so we removed the close button temporarily. Feedback on that is appreciated also.

Thanks All,


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The site is good looking and I think the idea is a nice one. 1 email each day feels a lot tho I'm not sure I would want to put my inbox through that stress. :) An idea could be to have the "customers" chose what kind of offers they are interested in. Ex, let the user thick boxes like "beauty offers", "training/fitness", "food" etc.
Maybe that would be more of a hassle than it would benefit anyone, IDK just a suggestion.

One thing I don't like the huge popup that I can't close. I want that (X) in the corner. You left me confused with the one option to sign up. But if it helps boost signups maybe the idea is good, I'm no buying customer anyway since I don't live there so there is no need to worry that much what I think.
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I really liked the look of the site, that is what I would see of it beneath that really annoying box that popped up. Why would someone wnat to sign up to someone before they have had a look at the site? People want to feel they can trust the site before they hand over any details.. a giant pop up in your face is not going to inspire trust. I was clicking all over the box to get it to move and it finally went away and it said on the site, congratulations.. you have signed up for blah blah... (or what ever it said, it was a few days ago) even though I hadn't entered a single piece of information.. It might skew your sign up stats a tad if ppl can get round it this way..

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