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Post 3+ Months Ago

Pease have a look @
Please review and post your comments how can i do better?
How can i Get better Pr and SerP's...?

thnks n regards
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Ok, first thing I think when I look at your page: "Where in the world am I supposed to look?"

It's a very disorganized and all-over-the-place design.

The colours are 'all-right' but there's nothing eye-catching ... the graphics behind the sections are fine, but I would like to see some rollover effects on your links.

Also, what purpose serves those big blank spaces at the top (if any)?

I would also suggest using mainly CSS rather than tables, as tables can get rather messy.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Those four blocks are actually ads Breeze, they just take forever to load ... and in IE we still see that "Click to activate and use this control" thing (because they're flash ...) here's a workaround to that: [Dead Link]

The W3C validator found 176 errors on your "home" page ... not good ... click here to see them ...

What's up with the weird positioning of your site? It's not on the side but it's also not cenetered either ... I think it'd be better to choose one or the other ...

As Breeze said ... rollovers are the new "in" thing ... I think it's time that you start using them aswell ...

1400 lines of coding! WHAT? that's way too much ... You can switch that to 200 max if you use proper CSS and (X)HTML ...

Then you have all those line breaks in your coding ... And all that white space (pressing TAB or SPACEBAR causes that) ... let's say you remove all that, you'll say about 25kb on the "home" page (which is 88kb now!) ... each time a new visitor comes to your site they download 88kb of your bandwidth, that doesn't sound much, but let's multiply that by 500 visitors per day ... that makes it 44,000kb of wasted bandwidth, but let's not stop there ... let's make it for a month ... that gives you a total of 1,320,000kb wasted each month ... How much is that in mb? about 1GB of bandwidth going down the drain for nothing ... wow!

Then you have those "language options" at the top, but only the dutch one works ... why is that? Why are the other ones there then ... ?

I clicked on one or two of the links (2 to be exact), and realized that I will never in my life buy from you ... each page looks different ... that's not good at all ... It would be much better to have a standard layout and images etc for all the pages ...

I really don't know what else to say ...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

OK to me, there is too much stuff on the home page. It is very disorienting. Maybe your front page should only have the titles of each boxe, that then bring you to another page wich gives you the menu that are in the box. You defenetly need to reorginize.

Hope this helps.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I would suggest that you visit some competitors of yours that are alerady succesful and compare what they are doing that you are not.

One thing I would suggest is to get rid of the current navigation and try a left side navigation system. This opens up space in the middle for "specials" or "hot items" that offer you a higher profit and are a great deal.

Oh, and your language flags don't work. I'm guessing these are suppose to link to translated webpages. Idealy, you'd would want to house these transalted webpages on your server, but with the ever changing content of your site, I would suggest Google's instant translations.

Hope that helps,

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Lots of stuff on here. I'm not sure where to begin. try to organize things a bit better.

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