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Well here is my last proffesional job.
It sucks. My client would not listen to me on several key issues so i just did what she asked and here is the result.
If you can tell me off anyway to improve this without changing the name i'd be grateful. Its pretty new but has no Google listing or pr yet.
Hope you like it as i don't

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Post 3+ Months Ago

i dont know, it looks nice. you did the design of the site right?
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C'mon, tell us how you REALLY feel about your client :lol: I feel your pain man.

I would do a few things different, first, take the justification off the text-make it left justified. It is very hard to read the way it is because people have learned to use the ragged right edge to help guid them as they move between lines. They can't do that with justified text. I would also use css to layout the page instead of tables. That's about all I have for now.
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it looks really good. as long as yr client is happy abt it, why not? she is the one owning it afterall.

I like the colors in there and the logo is symbolic.
very nice logo.
dont like the dark ard it though. - it kinds of puts a negative feel to it.

and some of yr navigation buttons on the left have a "full stop" in them. one of them doesnt.

and for yr kind of site/business, get some good testimonies in. prove to vistiors how good it can be using the service. put testimonies on home page sounds good. but again, it is all up to u and yr client

hope this helps.

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Suggested Rating Criteria:
Colors, Good colors. B+
Fonts - Yuck. Thought some of the title fonts didn't work so well against the color background.
Graphics, Not a lot except for the logo. B+
Logos = I liked it. B+
Layout - Clean and clear. Always like that! A-
Backgrounds no bg=good bg

Navigation, Surprised you didn't do a sub menu thing. Still, I liked it. Odd. A-
Links - Everything worked.
Load Time - very fast. A-
Bugs = Didn't really see any functionality. All good. A-

Overall & Content Purpose of site, and Does appearance and purpose of
site match

If the purpose was to tell me about the company, you get an A- (didn't wow me, but it was very very functional.)
If the purpose was something else .. I don't know what it is. And that's why I didn't even try to do it / review it.

Technical Typos, Wording, Grammar
Counseling is not spelt Counselling
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the colors...light blue, white and the onhover red...just dont go well together....

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