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I built this site

from a template - my designers are all busy creating other peoples sites.

The goal of the site is to get people to call me with interest in web design and/or search optimization.

I was in front of a potential client today, and he pulled it up in some version of IE (I suspect the evil IE6), and it looked horrible! I was aghast and embarrassed. :oops:

I seek feedback about the site - specifically how it looks in IE browsers.

Thanks! :D
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Checked it in IE7, and it looks just the same as in Firefox. It's a nice clean template, and any clients you show it too will probably never think "Hey, that is a template", but I would suggest making something that is going to knock their socks off. After all, your business is in webdesign and SEO... .
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i like your profile nice work, the navigations on your website is very simple. nice job
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Like some of the other comments stated make your sight stand out. When people go on it make it so they dont want to leave. Nothing really much to say you, you obviously have put a lot of work into that. Well done!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I think the fact that you don't know what your site(s) look like in IE6 kind of says a lot. You should really test in all the major browsers.

Your site looks ok in IE6, but you're using some transparent PNGs, which need a hack to display properly in it.

Also, you have some validation errors...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

jameson5555 wrote:
Your site looks ok in IE6, but you're using some transparent PNGs, which need a hack to display properly in it.

I see that aswell ... Maybe make the background of the logo white instead of transparent ... that would sort out that problem aswell ...

The W3C validator found 6 errors on your home page ... you can click here to see them ... Now to me that's not a good sign ... How can one sell web-development without complying to standards ... ? IMO that's sloppy ...

Maybe you could also disable the link of the page that a user is on, for example, if a user is on the "home" page, disable the "home" link (make it text), that way, users won't redirect to the page that they are currently on.

Then ... why do you have the links at the top twice ... There's the good looking menu up top (home, services, team, portfolio, contact us) and then there's the not-so-good-looking one right below it (home, links, articles, contact us) ... why not merge the two and add the links and articles to the top menu ... ?

At the bottom where the copyright statement is ... the middle of the bar is a darker green than the rest of the bar ... which looks a little odd to me ... I think keeping the whole thing the same colour would look better ...

then I think adding rollovers to the text links in the body would be cool aswell ...

Also if you remove all the line breaks and spaces in your source the page would load a few milliseconds faster and save quite a bit of bandwidth ... because, lets say you get 1000 clicks a day ... then there would be 1000 requests for that text and then let's say that the spaces etc takes up 4kb in total you would be wasting 4000kb a day in bandwidth for spaces and line breaks which are unnecessary ... let's then multiply that with one month which gives you 4000kb * 30 days which equals to 120000kb wasted a month ...

Then also ... your code is a mix between tables and divs which IMO isn't the right way to do this ... I think rather use tables only for what they are meant for ... Tabular Data ...

I clicked on the "links" button and got this message: "You are not authorized to view this resource. You need to log in" ... Where can I log in ... ?

I think you can make your sitemap a bit more complete aswell ... like under "home" add "Web Strategy and Goal Definition" and "Web Design" etc ... To me I see a Sitemap as a complete overview of all the pages on a website at the moment ...

When on the "services" page, there is a "services overview" button, which just redirects me to the "services" page again ... do you think that it's really necessary ... ?

edit: hope you didn't find my little book too long or negative in any way ... it's not meant to be ...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I like the way it is so easy to navigate on your website, but I think the buttons of the top menu look a little odd. And also another problem I noticed, your web hosting server responds pretty slow (my connection is from Romania)

Other then that, it looks pretty neat :)

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