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Post 3+ Months Ago

Been meaning to finish this domain since before xmas. Anyway, got there in the end...

As always, your thoughts are appreciated :D

Cheers, Prime ... :D

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Post 3+ Months Ago

My first impression was good. Once thing I noticed right away, however, is that of your main navigation buttons, only "Home", "Hosting", and "Contact" have rollover effects (I'm viewing in Firefox). The menu seems to act sporadically on different pages. Some will hover, some won't. Not sure if it's just a Flash glitch or what...

Next, I was kind of expecting to be able to click on the computer images for each hosting package. Nothing big, but a bit counter-intuitive.

The default blue hyperlinks here and there don't really fit in with the rest of the design. I'd consider a darker blue or even black.

Have EMAIL and PASSWORD in all caps at the top doesn't look quite right. Perhaps you could small-caps them?

On your Contact page, there should be some space between "Enter your email address:" and the text box for it.

Other than my petty nitpicking, I think the site looks pretty good. Nice use of Flash and the layout is simple yet functional.

// edit: Before R_T yells at you, you'll want to address these ;)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

ooooh I like this one a lot! lots and lots. very pretty and sleek.

as for improvements.... everything spork says, plus the famous 'disable the link to the page the user is currently on' - i.e. when you're on the homepage, the 'home' link should be disabled, and preferably locked in rollover state, so the viewer always knows what page he's on.............

another tiny thing - your 'hosting' page is set a few millimeters to the left compared to all the others, so when you switch between the hosting page and any of the other pages you can see it jump a bit.

otherwise great job - I love the choice of colours, original, muted and yet clean and handsome. I really like this one.........

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