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I started recently on a new website for my college international club. It's only a layout for now, but I'm working on finishing it. So here is the sample index page: I will be using PHP and MySQL for membership, forums etc. But hope to get some reviews for design. [/url]
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Well...hard to say something not too hard here.
The logo sucks (sorry). The overall picture quality is bad (Logo and also images for menu).
The color is pretty harsh and tiled background is something you should use very carefully..(in this case:NOT!)
I suggest you center the whole thing, change the color (yellow) to something more pleasing, remove the tiled background and look over the images again. After that, you might have something decent.

Good luck :-)
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It's too early to say anything when there isn't really much there!

I'd suggest changing the colours, yellow and some orange/brown just don't go well together plus the yellow is pretty harsh on the eyes.

Your site isn't scalable.

Logo is extremely hard to read. Change the font.
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I really don’t know what to say, I think Indulge before me just about summed it all up. Your graphics really need some work, especially the navigation. I know they are supposed to be outlines of countries, but at first glance they look more like a collection of cow chips.

The logo doesn’t look all that bad, but you should think about using some different lettering, the current lettering is somewhat difficult to read. It took me a second or two to figure out what it said. With a logo, you should be able to read it with just a glance.

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