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Hello, Thank you for taking an interest in my site. From the outset - the idea of was to boomers like my grandmother get more out of their fixed income. Using link trading directories hurt the traffic of the page - now i am looking for assistance in rebuilding our PR.

Many thanks,

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Senior Drugs
There are wonderful drug discounts north of the boarder. Here is your link to great drugs - this is the biggest way to save.

I would like to take some time to make a comment on that peice of text.

Many old people access drugs as their health gets weaker and weaker, This can involve many things
as you will know.

Lets focus on " SIGHT " many old people have sight a lot worse than middle aged adults and teenagers, This is not always the case but most of the time it can be.

Do you not think having your text larger would help. Or maby have a " text enlarger " tool on your website itself for people with poor sight?

Anyway Design looks great, and I like the layout. You have done a good job on this one my friend.
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I agree with penguin - the default font-size of your page should be at least 1em of normal, nothing smaller.

The courier-new has got to go - not only is it unappealing in aesthetic web uses, but it's a serif font - much harder to read, especially for aging eyes.

The site breaks on every page other than the main one because of the different sized ads - make them fit better, make the site wider, or lose em. Even old people aren't going to look at something that looks like their grand-son could make it.

Your nav images letter spacing looks like some of the letters are too close together - you used regular Courier anyway, why couldn't those be text links? They'd be easier to read, controllable via browser text-size, and give you better rankings.
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I would invert "Shopping, Dating, and Adventures for Seniors!" and "Welcome to". Give visitors an introduction to why the website exists.

And definitely increase the font size.

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