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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hi guys, must have been atleast 6months since I had my site reviewed here and I've been totally rebuilding it since then.

Check the new site out, let me know how easy it is to use, how it looks, functionality etc etc...


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Post 3+ Months Ago

Nice site! I like the color scheme allot. :mrgreen:
One thing I would add is a more obvious way to get to the home page. Maybe like a link on the navigation bar or something like that.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I'm not a big fan of that handwriting font you have going on, especially at the top, the "welcome to the new chart revolution", pretty hard on the eye sockets. I could barely make out the word revolution. Same thing goes with the footer, you also mis-spelled production down there, you have it as productiond. You probably would've noticed it with a crisper font. :wink:

I think this is the first, or at least one of few times that I've seen a red input box. Aside from 4 red buttons at the top, red isnt one of the colors you want to bring out on this site, certainly not for your input boxes. A simple white background/black text would work fine.

I also dont like the different widths you have for the header/footer and the body section. Make it all the same width, it'll have more flow and consistency to it.

I also get a javascript error when I loaded the page, you should look into that.

As I go over to the Add New Chart page, the width's of the header/footer/body all match up now. :scratchhead: Hmmmmm...... Sticking with the page, I think your javascript is a bit off for selecting a category. I tried clicking a category, then another, then another, and in some cases, it took 5+ clicks in order for the selection to turn blue. Also, where you have the select buttons, shorten the text field and put those buttons on the same row as the text field, makes it easier to follow and look at. And also, a javascript error on the page...

As mentioned previously, your menu could be worked on. Make a more visible home button. I would know to click on the logo to go home, but not everyone else does.

The Browse page didnt have javascript errors :D. Thats a plus! Again, not so sure about that red style you have going on. When getting results and viewing the chart, again with js errors and same thing with moving the edit button up to the same row as the text field. I also dont fully understand how to use your system. Same with the enter new chart page. Do you have a section that explains how it all works?

The control panel link is a bit crazy. It redirects you to a page then it redirects you again to a page that says "invalid username or password". And frankly, if I wasnt on the ball, I wouldnt even have caught the fact that it said invalid username at the top, you dont display that very well. Make a clear page that says, please login to use these facilities or something, make it very visible to the user.

After signing up for an account, you take me to a screen to enter a security code to complete the registration, I used a fake email ( :oops: ) and was able to log in anyway, whats the point of the security thing?

The overall color scheme is good. Pretty good navigation, although it could be better. Work on the javascript, thats one of the most annoying things you could have on a site, seeing that stupid yellow warning sign on virtually every page on your site isnt too professional. Toss in your meta description/content tags. To make your code easier to work with, put your styles and javascript into external files and just reference them. You also have your <scripts> within in the body tag, which is frowned upon, usually they go within the <head> tags. Alt tags for your images, and your set!

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