What Happened to My Reviews ?

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If the "reviews" you have left in other peoples threads have vanished, and/or the thread you started for your own site has vanished, it's most likely because your "reviews" weren't reviews at all. If you want confirmation about what happened to your reviews, PM a moderator and ask them to check the moderator logs for a record of your reviews being deleted. Deleted reviews stay in a recycle bin for a few weeks after they've been deleted, so if your reviews were deleted in error it's possible to have them restored.

If you're "reviews" at least seem like half-hearted attempts where it's obvious you at least looked at the site, a moderator may contact you about them instead of deleting them. In most cases, where it's obvious that no effort was made, a moderator will just delete them and leave it up to you to figure it out. If you're going to waste everyones time with junk "reviews", nobody is going to take the time to notify you.

Some classic examples of "reviews" that will just be deleted, and subsequently lead to your own request being deleted if it knocks your count below the minimum without any notice include

Nice site !

Looks good

I don't like the colors

Here are a few craftier examples of "reviews" that will be deleted. Basically, the "review" is generic enough to have been made without even looking at the site, and the "review" would be true for every other site in the Website Reviews forum if the post was left in any other thread.

Perfect site, nice ideas, great website idea. Could put more pictures.

Very good work, could improve on the layout and some pictures.

If you want to prevent your reviews from being looked at like these examples, be sure to mention a couple of things unique to the site you're reviewing in your review. I think you'll find that forcing yourself to find something unique about the site in itself will lead to you getting an idea for something better to say than just "looks good". :)

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