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As everyone including myself is getting tired of these got dam spam everywhere we look so i wanted create a resource to provide information to the community based for web masters preventing spam on their sites.

So while i am trolling through google i just wanted to ask the members of Ozzu on their thoughts on spam prevention, what they have applied to their servers and scripts.

We are getting out numbered by email bots, botnets, forum spamming, Skype Spamming, MSN spamming and the list just goes on and on.

so if anyone has any thoughts please post it up so i can add it to master thesis on Internet Spam lol

Anything would be appreciated

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I guess you best option could be to test different things and eventually you should find something that works fairly well for your situation and also isn't too big of an hustle for the users. ozzu for instance seems to relay some of its spam prevention by forbidding linking for new user, this pretty much removes the cake and the hungry spammers go somewhere else to eat.

If you are talking about your forum then there is many plugins for spam prevention, also make sure you download the latest version of your forum software to prevent bugs (don't forget to backup).

Today spam bots are able to pass most built in capatchas unfortunately, I saw a video of it. However adding smart rotating original questions to the register page should make things a bit harder. You can also have the new users pass an image verification to make their first 3 posts or something. Some sites also has new user wait 24 h or something to post for the first time.

One thing is certain: You cant manually fight a lot of spam and also be a very happy person. So make sure you fool most of those spammers somehow so they don't waste your time more than necessary.

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