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Was just reviewing my search engine indexing on the big three, and I noticed something a little disturbing on Yahoo, most (not all for some reason) URLs on my site containing a space, get broken when they are indexing my site, for example, my URL: product

gets indexed in Yahoo as:

Which obviously doesn't work, I use mod_rewrite, and it only happens when the space is at the end of the URL, if it's somewhere in the middle it works fine. In MSN and Google, they work fine, and they have the %20 like:

I want to make sure these pages are indexed correctly, so what should I do? Two ideas I have are:

1. change all the links on the site to use %20 instead of the space (I don't really prefer this since the links without it look better) - or even substitute a character like ""_"" for spaces I guess.

2. Add a ""/"" at the end of the URL, like: product/
Thinking maybe this will kind of encapsulate the URL so the indexing doesn't stop at the wrong point?

Has anyone experienced this and what are your suggestions? Thanks

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