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Bigwebmaster Bigwebmaster Administrators

Hello everyone! My name is Brian, I am currently 30 and live in the Seattle area of Washington State.

Since 1998 I have been self-employed and have enjoyed working for myself. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Flight Technology and a minor in Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude Honors). I have always been interested in computers and the Internet and much of what I know is actually self taught. I am a fast learner and can pick up new concepts fairly quickly. I would like to think I am most skilled when it comes to Linux server administration, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SEO.

When I am away from the computer/Internet I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing tennis, lifting weights, flying airplanes, watching movies, defeating xbox, winning at poker, and listening to music. When it comes to animals/pets, I love dogs.

When I created Ozzu I really had no idea I would meet so many different wonderful people. I believe I owe a big thanks to those who have helped contribute to Ozzu and have helped maked Ozzu what it is today.

ATNO/TW ATNO/TW Super Moderators

Hello from the "burgh". Pittsburgh that is -- my home town area and where I have returned and currently reside. ATNO/TW is a combination of my two oldest and most used internet handles (going on 8 years now). ATNO == A True Night Owl, and TW == The Webmaster. By day, I'm a network administrator for a nuclear services company. I'm the company's only IT professional and manage about 50 workstations and users, maintain the servers, manage our website, and write in-house applications using php, Access and VBA, and some asp apps (although asp is not one of my forte's). I also do the ad layout for all of our print advertising. At night, I develop scripts and manage with my co-partner and best friend Mike whom I've known only via the web for nearly as long as I've been on it. Like many of you I am self taught on design and programming languages. Prior to discovering computers and the web I was in retail management for nearly 17 years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communication. My hobbies include gardening, billiards, online poker, and playing guitar.

joebert joebert Super Moderators

Hellow World ! *wink

I'm Joe, live in Clearwater FL, born on U.S. Independence Day in 1981, & I eat, sleep, & breath web development.

February of 2008 marks my 4th year here at Ozzu.

I've learned alot in my time here & I like to think I've helped others learn alot as well.

I don't specialize in any one skillset, rather my strength is "thinking outside the box" & getting different technologies to work together.

I'm more than comfortable with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, & MySQL. If I don't have to worry about a shared hosting enviroment I'm quite comfortable with Apache. I passed Brainbenches' Apache2 Administration exam in the top 4% last year, earning a master-level certification.

In the last year I've become increasingly interested in *nix. I finally dug an old computer out of the closet & setup a "headless" Ubuntu box for my developing pleasure. Since setting that up things have just kinda "clicked".

In the 4th quarter of last year I started my blog, where I post random ideas, review books, & respond to the occasional forum thread in greater detail.

I've heard about search engines being responsible for the majority of peoples' traffic, but in January of 2008 I certainly discovered exactly what they're talking about with my blog.

I love saltwater fishing, but don't get out to do it as often as I'd like.

Living in Clearwater puts Fort Desoto just out of reach & having grown up there I just don't like to fish any of the other piers or bridges.

With the exception of boats. If you live near me, have a boat, & need constant work done to websites when you're not fishing, we should probably be friends.

Bogey Bogey Moderator Team unknown
Daemonguy Daemonguy Moderator Team

The moniker 'Daemonguy' while not very original is, at least, descriptive. 'Daemon', as used in conjunction with my avatar – the FreeBSD Daemon – signifies my undying loyalty to that particular flavor of UNIX; 'guy' … well, you get the idea.

I am a senior level engineer and design architect for an extremely large, global IT company with offices here in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Prior to that I was a contract engineer to the Department of Defense; my roles included network design, application development and security – the latter of which floated between network/system security, cryptographic controls and forensics. Before that I worked for the government in a different capacity.

I earned a BSEE more years ago than I care to think about, but never once became a practicing engineer. My 'computer life' began at the dawning of the age of data; when the term 'home computer' started to sound somewhat plausible. While I started out in programming (assembler, C, etc.), I knew I never wanted to be a “programmer” – far too stressful. (One year as an intern taught me that.)

These days I concentrate on high availability and highly scalable design and implementation, often showcasing emerging or in-house developed technologies at corporate sponsored events.

I keep hearing about this 'away from the computer' thing -- but I find the concept unsettling. Actually, having spent the vast majority of my adult life not living in any one place very long, I rather enjoy being a 'homebody' now. I can often be found connected via the wireless at my local cigar shop, where I am regularly enjoying a fine cigar and an even finer single malt scotch -- the absolute pinnacle of spirit achievement. Give me that, and the NY Giants on the big screen TV and I am in heaven. I suppose I should mention, that by the time you read this, I will (finally) be married to a great girl who must have the patience of Solomon for tolerating my many idiosyncrasies.

grinch2171 grinch2171 Moderator Team

My user name stems from my favorite character of all time and my Military Occuplational Specialty number. People say I even look like the Grinch when I smile and I have a tendancy to be a bit grinchy.

I currently hold the position of Network/Systems Administrator for the Marine Corps Detachment located at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, USA. I have been in the Marine Corps for nine years and served my country during Operation Enduring Freedom.

I have a natural ability when it comes to computers and I have always liked working with computers. I have the ability to learn new concepts quickly and apply those concepts. I enjoy helping others with PC related problems and that is why I enjoy visiting Ozzu everyday.

LAbrego LAbrego Moderator Team unknown
natas natas Moderator Team

Arghh!! Hello everyone! My name is Jeff and I currently reside in Southeast Missouri. (the Show Me state)

After 4 years in the U.S. Army as a motor transport operator, I decided to start a career as a towboater. I've worked most of the rivers in the Central U.S. from the Illinois River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Red River, White River, (the list really goes on for a long time). I just finished working 3 years down in the Gulf Coast area. Now I'm on a line-boat that only runs from St. Louis to Baton Rouge. Monotony is something I've grown accustomed to.

While I'm not floating down the river, I spend all my free time trying to learn anything I can about web design and programming. Most of what I've learned came from secondhand books from the local college and online tutorials.

I have a pet ferret named Nemo who is my shadow and while I'm not entertained by him, I enjoy online poker and a few games of snooker on the rare occasion I can find another player.

Poly Poly Moderator Team unknown
SB SB Moderator Team

Howdy, my name is Craig and i am a 21 year old webaholic. I've tried fighting this horrible illness, but find that the lure of visiting Ozzu is just too much.

When i am not on the net I am studying Photography and Digital Imaging in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved here at the beginning of August 2006 from Aberdeen (about 150 miles north of Edinburgh) where i had lived all of my life up until then. I have no spectacular degrees like many of the Mods on Ozzu, however i have always been working away at something and picked up a range of qualifications along the way.

I enjoy taking photographs in my spare time, as well as dabbing away at my website when i feel there is something i can do to it to make it better. Every day i keep my eye on what is happening in the sporting world and i am a big follower of Football (or Soccer, as some might say).

In my spare time I'm either working away, studying, or trying to contribute in whichever way i possibly can on Ozzu.

SpooF SpooF Moderator Team

SpooF reporting for duty! I really can’t tell you where my username came from, there’s really no rhyme or reason behind it. SpooF was just some random name I used for online gaming when I signed up at Ozzu way back in 2004 (holy cow!).

I started dipping and dabbling in web design after I found out my school was offering a technologies course in the subject. I got so interested in the subject I just kind took off with it and learned it all on my own; I didn’t want to wait to take the course. By the time I could to take the course, first semester of my 8th grade year, I was already “hand” writing HTML (notepad for the win!), and custom PHP for CMS, simple stuff.

I joined Ozzu when I was in 8th grade after I broke my ankle in P.E (Physical Education), second half of the year. I was stuck on my couch for a good week or so with nothing to do. So I started searching around the web and I found Ozzu, and I’m so glad I did! That week with the help of some older members (One in particular, Rabid Dog) I managed to whip out a nice functioning blog, from there on I was addicted!

Four some years later I graduated from High School (2008) and then started to attend, and currently attending, Washington State University where I’m studying Computer Engineering. I joined a Fraternity my first year on campus, I’m a proud member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. We are trying to redefine ‘Fraternity’ and help remove the stereotype that has been put on the Greek community and Fraternities in general. We hope that others will follow our lead to become role models and not the stereotypical party hungry college students.

I to plan graduate in the near future and hopefully get a job, either working for some web startup in Silicon Valley, or contributes to advancing in computer technology in the medical fields to help save lives.

Ozzu is an amazing community and I’m glad I was able to join at such a young age (even thought I’m sure I was a little annoying back then). I hope to now give back to the community everything the community has given to me.

spork spork Moderator Team

Hey there, I'm Jeff, and my username comes from a week-long experience back in 2002 in which we were served three meals a day involving a tray of what can only be described as "slosh", a napkin, and a spork. The word spork has been in most of my online id's ever since.

I was born and raised in Erie, PA (that little part of Pennsylvania that sticks up to touch the lake). I'm currently a 4th year student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, where I'm studying Software Engineering and pursuing a minor in Psychology. Within my degree, I'm concentrating in the area of software usability, because I firmly believe that human-computer interaction can be much better than it is today.

Web design is more or less a hobby of mine, and virtually everything I know about it comes from my time here at Ozzu. I'm amazed at the wealth of information I've picked up here in the last couple of years. I came across Ozzu as many people do -- by searching for the solution to a problem and finding it here.

When I'm not playing with pointers in C or juggling generics in Java, I enjoy playing racquetball, swimming, and destroying my opposition in Command & Conquer 3. I've recently begun an attempt at teaching myself to play guitar and have been considering becoming the next guitar legend if I can find the time.

After graduation I'm hoping to travel around Europe for a while to meet new people, drink new drinks, and experience all that the world has to offer.


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