Reputation can be earned from a variety of tasks that help differentiate that user from spammers or bots, but the most common form of earning reputation is by users creating excellent threads, answers, or replies that encourage other members of the community to click the Up Vote button next to their content. By earning reputation users can be awarded badges or new privileges as they become a more trusted member of the community.

Earned Reputation

This type of reputation can be obtained by one of two ways:

  1. Performing a required task that does not involve any other users. This may include actions such as verifying an e-mail address, customizing an avatar, or linking an account to a third party social media account or other trusted provider.
  2. Indirectly due to the activity of other users. This may include actions such as other users upvoting or downvoting the user's content, accepting the user's answer as the one that solved the question, or having content flagged as spam.
Type Description Amount

Bounty Won

You won a bounty. *Award varies up to amount. 50*

Answer Accepted

Your answer on a question was accepted. 15

Account Verified

You verified your email on your account. 10

Avatar Changed

You changed your default avatar. 10


You edited another post. *Award varies up to amount. 10*

Post Up Voted

Your post was upvoted. 10
You linked a social media account. 10

Thread Up Voted

Your thread was upvoted. 5

Flag Confirmed

A post you flagged was confirmed. 1

Flag Rejected

A post you flagged was not accepted. 0

Post Down Voted

Your post was downvoted. -2

Thread Down Voted

Your thread was downvoted. -2


Your post was marked as abusive. -10

Low Quality

Your post was marked as low quality. -10


Your post was marked as spam. -100

Given Reputation

This type of reputation is awarded or deducted from a user taking an action. It also usually results in another user obtaining earned reputation as listed previously. In other words reputation in this category that is awarded to the user taking the action usually also triggers the awarding/deduction of reputation for another user.

Type Description Amount

Answer Accepted

You accepted an answer on your question. 2

Edit Reviewed

You reviewed an edit. 1

Post Down Voted

You downvoted a post. -1

Thread Down Voted

You downvoted a thread. -1

Bounty Placed

You placed a bounty. *Award varies down to amount. -50*