Affiliate Terms

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to refer others to Ozzu and to earn a commission for those referrals! Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn passive income online and if you already have an audience that might be interested in developer related products, then we might be a great match for you and a way to monetize your traffic!

There are numerous strategies available when it comes to affiliate marketing, for example you may be an influencer and already have a loyal following for which you can refer; or maybe you are great at building landing pages and want to buy targeted traffic that you can easily convert and profit from; or maybe you already have a popular website where you can put up ads in related sections that are likely to convert; or maybe you are already a seller in the Ozzu Market and you wish to market and refer visitors to your items. The possibilities are endless, and all you need to do is refer the traffic and we take care of the rest.

It is free to participate in the Ozzu Affiliate Program, but it is required that you first create an Ozzu Account. At this point these Affiliate Terms can be accepted by becoming an affiliate and are in addition to our Terms of Use and other policies you have agreed to. These affiliate terms were last updated on: February 4, 2022


  • Affiliate — This is an Ozzu member who has agreed to these affiliate terms and refers traffic to the website via unique tracking links that are provided by Ozzu to earn commissions from those referrals.
  • Buyer or Customer — This is also an Ozzu member who has agreed to our market terms when creating an account at Ozzu and has or will be purchasing items in our market.
  • Affiliate ID or Referral ID — These terms may be interchangeable and refer to your unique code that would be included in any of the links you place to send traffic to Ozzu.

How Referring Works

Once you have signed up for our affiliate program and accepted these terms, you will be provided a unique tracking ID that you can use to refer to Ozzu. This tracking ID can be utilized to send traffic to any page located on Ozzu including your own items if you are also a seller in our market.

Affiliate Links

There are two basic ways to construct affiliate links and that is including the affiliate ID via the beginning of the path itself or appending the affiliate ID via a query string utilizing the aid key. For example if your unique referral ID is abc123def then any of the following would be valid ways to refer to Ozzu via the path:

Alternatively you can also append your referral ID at the end by using a query string like these same examples:

Tracking & Cookies

Ozzu uses cookies to track users who have clicked on any of your links with your unique referral ID. That means that in order to provide you credit for these users who signup and purchase items on Ozzu, it is required that they have cookies enabled in their browser.

Ozzu uses the last interaction attribution model which means that the last referral link the user clicked will be the one that is used when choosing which affiliate to provide credit for as far as a new user joining Ozzu. So for example, if we have two affiliates, Affiliate A, and Affiliate B, and if Affiliate A refers a non-Ozzu user to Ozzu and the user does not create an account on Ozzu and then shortly after Affiliate B refers that same non-Ozzu user to Ozzu after which they create an account, then Affiliate B will be the one who is provided credit for that referral. From that point forward any purchases the user makes in the Ozzu Market will be attributed to Affiliate B, regardless of any other referral links the user clicks on. The important distinction here is that once a user creates an account on Ozzu they are locked in to the last affiliate who referred them before account creation.

If an affiliate refers someone to Ozzu who is already a member of Ozzu, and that Ozzu member wasn't referred by that same affiliate when they initially joined Ozzu, then no credit will be provided for referring that user as they already have an Ozzu account.

If a non-Ozzu user is referred by an affiliate to Ozzu, and then that user subsequently clears or deletes their cookies before creating an account on Ozzu, then no credit will be provided to the affiliate because we have no fallback mechanism in place to track that referral.

Once a user clicks on an affiliate's referral link to Ozzu, that user will have 90 days to create an account on Ozzu before that tracking cookie expires. Once the tracking cookie expires and if the user creates an account on Ozzu shortly after, then no credit would be provided to the affiliate.

Any affiliate earnings will appear in your Ozzu account in a similar way as sales are recorded for sellers in the Ozzu market. If you are both an affiliate and a seller you will be able to see all earnings in the same area.

It is not allowed to provide any affiliate links to Ozzu from the Ozzu website itself. This includes using any intermediate domains which subsequently redirect back to Ozzu. That means in threads, comments, market item descriptions, or any area of Ozzu you cannot post a link that contains your affiliate ID. Your affiliate account may be revoked and any earnings forfeited if we find this taking place.

If you refer someone to Ozzu who has already visited Ozzu in the past, but never created an account, and then after you refer that person to Ozzu they do create an account, you will be credited with that referral.

Restrictions on Referring

Referring to Ozzu is straightforward and most affiliates experience no issues. However, to be clear, we have a few important guidelines you must follow.

As an affiliate you are required to follow all laws of the United States and the country in which you reside including all privacy laws and data protection regulations. As of 2013 you must also disclose your affiliate relationship with Ozzu. This means wherever your post content in which at some point you refer to us using your affiliate link, you must include an announcement identifying your participation in our associated affiliate program. Laws require that such announcements are to be "clear and conspicuous" meaning you cannot hide the information in the middle of a blog post or put it in small print at the bottom. The best way to stay in compliance with the law and affiliate marketing is to either endorse the information at the top of your content or to have a general site-wide disclaimer announcing your relationship with us or other merchants in which you participate in affiliate programs. See the FTC's Endorsement Guides which will provide you answers to some of their most frequently asked questions from advertisers, ad agencies, bloggers, and more.

If we find any of the following methods being used your earnings may be forfeited and your affiliate account revoked. You cannot:

  1. confuse or potentially confuse users about whether your website if operated or endorsed by us.
  2. use any of Ozzu's trademarks or intellectual property, other than banner and logos as provided for affiliates by Ozzu.
  3. purchase a domain name that uses any of Ozzu's trademarks or variations and misspellings.
  4. bid on a search engine keyword or pay-per-click advertisement that uses any of Ozzu's trademarks or variations and misspellings.
  5. do anything that might be confusing, misleading, or deceptive to users
  6. copy market item descriptions from Ozzu and re-use in any of your affiliate strategies to push traffic through your affiliate link
  7. send unsolicited email or other messaging that in any way may constitute spam
  8. do anything that is against our acceptable use policy

We reserve the right to decide whether or not your use of our affiliate program complies with these affiliate terms and/or any applicable laws. If we decide that your use does not comply, we can based on reasonable discretion withhold your earnings and disable your affiliate account.

Personal Information

As an affiliate marketer you may decide to collect personal information as part of your strategy in building your audience. The way you collect and handle customer information can have a big impact on the success of your business. If you do collect and use personal information as part of your strategy in referring users to us via your unique affiliate links, you should have an accurate and complete privacy policy which divulges the type of personal information you collect from your visitors and the purpose behind the collection of data. You should also describe a process that a user can follow if they want to review and change details that they have previously provided to you.

Earnings & Payouts

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Ozzu shall send requested payouts on the 20th of each month. To be eligible for a payout on the 20th, you must have been eligible by the last day of the previous month. To be eligible for payment you must have selected and setup a payment destination, and have met the minimum payout threshold. Available payout methods or destinations are subject to change. A minimum threshold of $100.00 must be met before a payout can be requested to be sent to your chosen payment destination. For example, to be able to receive a payment on May 20th, you would need to have your payment destination chosen and setup in your account, and meet the minimum required amount of $100.00 on or before April 30th. All times are tracked in UTC. Any amounts not eligible for payout will be carried over into the the next month.

How Earnings Are Calculated

If you refer a new user who signs up and makes a purchase from the Ozzu Market, you will receive a 20% commission for the entire first year off of any items they purchase. The period begins on the day they create an account at Ozzu and ends once they have been a member of Ozzu for one (1) year. You will earn the commission off of the the total price of the items, which includes the item price, market fee, and support fees, but excludes any taxes that were added. So as an example if a new user you referred decides to buy an item and paid for a period of support your commission would be calculated like this:

$50.00 - List Price of Item (Item price + Market Fee)
$15.00 - Support Fee
$ 6.50 - Sales Tax
$71.50 - Total Customer Pays

Affiliate Commission:
($50.00 + $15.00) * 0.20 = $13.00

So after excluding tax the total commission you would earn off of this sale would be $13.00.

Deductions & Reversals

You agree and authorize us to deduct from your account any referrals that result in refunds or chargebacks. If you refer to us in a manner that is not allowed per these affiliate terms then we may also offset any amount we have to pay as a result of your breach, against your account and any future payments due to you.

Any deductions from your earnings that are made will reduce your account's total balance.

Other Fees

You are responsible for all fees related to us transferring earnings in your account to your payment destination. This includes any fees related to currency conversion to transfer USD funds into your preferred currency, and any fees related to your financial institution that they charge you in order to convert or receive those funds. We do not control currency conversion rates or any of these fees imposed on you from your financial institution.

Holding Earnings

At Ozzu's sole discretion and at anytime if we decide that your use of our affiliate program does not comply with our affiliate terms or terms of use we may disable your Ozzu account and offset any earnings accumulated in your account.


As an affiliate, you are responsible for paying any taxes that apply to your earnings. If required by law, we may deduct or withhold taxes in connection with you being an affiliate of Ozzu. If this case applies we will provide you with any required documentation as required by law about the deduction or withholding.

We collect geographic location information to determine where you are located. You may be required to provide us tax-related documentation to identify you for tax purposes and you affirm that any information you provide to us is accurate. Tax related information provided to us may be disclosed to contracted accounting firms, regulators, or government authorities in connection with us fulfilling any of our tax related legal duties. Form W-9 is usually required for US affiliates, and form W-8 for non-US affiliates.

Special Arrangements or Rates

In the majority of cases the rates that are applied to affiliate accounts are the rates mentioned above. There are times in which we will grant special rates when attempting to grow interest in specific areas on Ozzu. If you have a large following in a particular niche that you think could be beneficial to helping us expand, please reach out to us.