The topic of installing windows came up and reminded me.

I have a system with only SATA drives (2 x 74GB) & (1 x 120 GB).
I would like to install Windows on it, but Windows only allows introduction of SATA drivers via a floppy drive. I haven't used a floppy or even purchased a 3.5" floppy in at least 3 years.

Can I just make in ISO of my XP Pro Sp1 CD and add in a driver?
Or is it going to be harder than that?

I did a quick google search, but what I found wasn't what I want to do.
ISO builders and everything. I have a program that can edit ISO's. I can mount it R/W as a virtual drive, and add in any file I want.

It's where to add the files is the problem.

Basically to make a long story short: If I wanted to add drivers so that Windows install could use them, where would I put them on the CD?

Thanks guys.

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I know this can be done. I haven't used SATA drives before so I can't give you any details. It will involve using some techniques to create an unattended CD.

There is a utility called XPCreate that will integrate Service packs, Windows updates, and other things you may want to include in your XP CD. It will even download any updates that you need before creating the CD/ISO. Currently, it supports integrating some Sata/Raid drivers. Check out the SATA page to see if your drivers are supported. There is also a forum at dedicated to XPCreate. There is an example of slipstreaming the Silicon Image 3112 SATALink Driver into the Windows Distribution which may be helpful.

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I was afraid it would have to come to that. Oh well, beats the days of the cmd-line based iso builders (which was like, umm last month!).

Thanks, I'll give it a try when I get back from happy hour. 🙂

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