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I've been reading a lot about database design at the moment, so I thought I'll make a thread and put all related questions in a single thread.

  1. I've read a lot about normalizing (data?) in the database. Read about it in different sources, but can't figure out what they mean by that. Simply sanitizing? Or something else?

  2. So I've already designed a database (as I went along... started reading on database design after creating this database) and was wondering if it looks sound from a more experienced database designer.
    The database design

  3. Different sources say different things about stored procedures. Some say they are a very good practice and should always be implemented, and if you don't use them then you don't know what you are doing and others are against it with a passion. What is an unbiased, fact-founded suggestion about it? Are foreign keys with on-delete or on-update go into the stored procedure category?

  4. In phpMyAdmin under the 'More' tab when viewing a database (top-rightmost tab) there is an option for central columns. What are these columns exactly?

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  1. It is the process of putting related data together in order to prevent data duplication. This is a high level, this is an oversimplification. You will need to do reading into the Database form normalization to get a good understanding. Learn more about database normalization.

  2. Without the context of the application it is very difficult to say whether or not it is a good design. With polyglot persistence and the masses of data being collected, 3NF is no longer the silver bullet. System context drives the design.

  3. I personally avoid Stored Procs unless I have an extremely good business reason for using them. Again the Stored Proc needs to solve a problem so for standard CRUD operations I would avoid them but in situations where you are gathering a lot of data and it is being done regularly, I might look at something like a stored proc or view.

  4. No idea, I personally avoid MySQL like the plague.

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    Why do you avoid it? 🤣 What do you use instead and why? Maybe I should switch while I'm still at the beginning of the project. — Bogey
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    I started with MySQL and watched it go through many permutations. The main thing that got me was the stored proc implementation and the InnoDB vs MyISAM engine. I make use of MS SQL or Postgresql depending on the system context. If I were you, I would look into Postgresql. — Rabid Dog
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    Ok, I'll look into it. Maybe I will switch to it — Bogey
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