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I understand that Java is mostly used for android (a quick Google search told me that) but Google also told me that there are other languages in use to create applications in android... C# and C++ included.

I want to create some android apps and I have ideas for some computer programs as well, so I'm thinking C# or C++ but are these as good as Java for Android applications?

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    I just learned that Google is pushing for Kotlin to be the app development language for android... I'm guessing that I should learn kotlin than? — Bogey
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    Rather than learning a new language, check into Unity. I've personally never used it to develop games but it is free and the modular aspect may make your life easier. It also integrates with Visual Studio. — Mark Bowker
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    I think you should consider using Kotlin or Dart. However, good old Java is still good though! — Chris_89

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One of the most important things you need to answer here is what's your programming background? In case you have never programmed before, then it might be smart to start with Java as it is an official language for Android, is supported by Android Studio, and Java has plenty of resources and tutorials to help you learn.

Kotlin is another official Android language and is now Google's preferred language of choice, however, its not as widely used outside of Android Studio.

In case you come from web development, you can go on with JavaScript, or if you are already familiar with C++ or C# you can go with those.

It really depends on your personal experience with programming languages, and what direction you see yourself going down the road. If you only see yourself developing Android apps, then perhaps Kotlin is the right choice here for the long term.

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    For the most part, I'm interested in Android development and I've heard somewhere that due to Google's trouble with Oracle's copyright claim over Java that Google is completely wanting to switch app development to Kotlin. I'm not all that well versed in all of this, maybe Android will always support Java no matter what (especially since Google won that lawsuit). — Bogey
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