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You may find a need sometimes to convert a PDF to an image file. In the past, I had unlimited access to Adobe products which made it quite simple to convert PDFs. However, I no longer have that luxury and need to convert a PDF to a JPG. Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, don't inherently have that ability built in. However, this morning I found a handy free add-on to Microsoft Edge that gives you that ability.

The extension can be found here: PDF to JPG Converter. Note: While this is an official Microsoft Add-on page, it is, however, a third party add-on so be sure to read the terms of service and privacy policies.

  1. Click the Get button in the top right.
    Download the converter

  2. This will pop up a message to add the extension. Click the Add Extension button.
    Add the Extension.

  3. You'll get a message that the add-on was successfully installed.
    Successful installation

  4. You'll see that you have a new icon added to the top right corner of your browser. Click that icon to open the conversion page.
    New icon added.

  5. Pick a PDF file to convert. Then click Upload and Convert. This will convert it to JPG format and save it as a zip file which you can download to a location of your choice. Extract the image from the downloaded zip file and you are good to go!
    Choose a file then select convert

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Something that I had overlooked and discovered yesterday is a limitation on the conversion to fonts that are installed on your computer. I was trying to convert an invitation that the designer created and saved in pdf format. She pointed out that some of the fonts she used did not convert properly. Then I remembered that I've not yet installed any fonts outside of the ones that come already installed on Windows 11. It's important that graphics designers are aware of this.
(I'll add a separate topic discussing built in Windows 11 Fonts this week)

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