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There is something really annoying and strange going one when I try to change certain colors in an image using Adobe Photoshop. I have the color grey on top of the toolbar and it just doesn't want to change. For example, when I adjust the color in the blending options it gives me the color that I want in the window, but the color on top doesn't change. Also the colors that I want to apply don't come to my objects.

It's like the color is stuck in memory or something and it wants to stay that way. What is going on and how can I make everything works as before?

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Your colors for the image might be set to Grayscale Mode or Indexed Color Mode. Perform the following steps which should let you change colors again in Photoshop:

  1. Open your Image in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click on Image in the top Menu.
  3. Hover your mouse over Mode from the Image Menu Dropdown.
  4. Select RGB Color.

Setting Image Mode to RGB Color

Grayscale will use up to 256 different shades of gray, while indexed will use up to 256 different colors. When attempting to convert or when using a color that is not one of the indexed colors, Photoshop will choose the closest available color. By limiting the number of colors that are available in the image it can greatly reduce the file size, however, if needing more colors it may be confusing on what is happening. Simply changing it back to RGB mode will solve it.

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    Thanks man! You helped me out big time 😎 — reaper
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