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O.k another how to fix it tutorial by Zealous because i just did it myself and if you ever do this, it will make it impossible to use the type tool again. I was looking to expand my font collection for some new projects and so i found this 10,000 font pack with all these sexy fonts. What could go wrong apart from making some good text art i thought.

Installed 10,000 fonts in one go and tried to make something, took a minute or 2 to get the type tool to activate and then another 2-3 for the tool to activate on the document then tried to load the font list and well that just didn't happen at all.

After a little research i found that this is not a very good thing to do lol


Firstly if you have done this all ready then it is easy to fix with a little time. Close everything down and get to idle the best you can. Open Control Panel > Fonts

then you want to right click and sort the fonts by creation date and if it does not list which it did not me i had to add that option manually, Right Click > Sort by > More > Select date modified > o.k

Sort by Creation Date

Then on the scroll bar on the right click and hold and you will notice a date tool tip, follow that tool tip till it has anything other then that year and follow it down till you see the 2009-2010 fonts that came with windows by default. You want to delete all of that. I would suggest doing it in sections. I am down to 4400 fonts on a quad core 8gig ram and still struggling in photoshop.

Now i am down to 390 fonts just over the windows default. Try and now to delete the default ones or anything before the date, if you have to change the listing view to detailed and so you have a list view to watch the dates. don't delete anything before the day you installed all them fonts.

So what to do with these 10,000 fonts

I am glad you asked well, i found a better way of loading them. My computer still runs like a old Single core intel by the looks of it but you need a little processing power and waiting when using the type tool.

I moved 27 folders with 10,000 fonts so yes they don't need to all be in the same folder but i may suggest splitting them up into sections it seams to make the loading a little kinder. Now this fonts folder is not there by default in the newer versions and so good chance that your going to have to make it yourself with the "F"!!! and copy it all in there.

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts

I have done this as i have been writing and it seams to work a lot better but still slow processing that much data at one time so you may want to spend a afternoon deleting a few that you don't like and try and free up as much resources.

I don't wana have to rewrite this again so i am just going to continue on with a update. After returning back to Photoshop after testing and that all the fonts have been cached with the samples loaded it is working not too bad, little delay when selecting the font but it is 10x better then what it was before.

Also i want to make note that i am using the 64x version of photoshop and not the 32bit while using GPU for rendering as well so it may help, anyone with low grade graphics cards which won't be many who use photoshop and don't have a GPU but just want to make note of it.

Well i don't know about you but i am going to check out these new fonts and hope that this helps people with their design.

If you run into any issues just post up and i will see what i can figure out.

Have fun painting 🙂

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    Awesome write-up, thank you for sharing. — Fosco999
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